Vision Therapy for an eye turn/Timid on the playground

ENCOURAGING WORDS from a parent of a 4 year old currently in vision therapy for 4 months for an eye turn. I asked Dad, is there anything you’ve noticed that has improved since doing vision therapy? This was his response: “His eye used to turn a lot and now it only happens if he’s super tired. And he’s so much less timid, especially on the playground! He used to hold back and watch and I could never get him to play. He used to be afraid of the slide even if I held him the whole time, he was afraid of climbing, especially stairs that are open. Now he’s just a typical kid, running all over, climbing everything and enjoying the playground like kids should.”

This is typical because depth perception is impaired when the two eyes are not working together properly, it makes the person unsure of where they are in relation to the ground and other objects. They may be clumsy, bump into things, break things, have difficulty pouring drinks, have difficulty parking or driving a car, have difficulty with sports (especially sports that use fast projectiles-baseball, hockey, tennis), dislike feeling like they are off balance and so avoid any situation that makes them feel this way. Vision therapy retrains the brain to use the two eyes together WITHOUT SURGERY OR EXTENDED PATCHING.


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