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One of our current 5 year old patients, “Billy” (names have been changed to remain HIPAA compliant), was referred to our office by his astute preschool teacher for problems with fine motor tasks. Billy was diagnosed with Convergence Insufficiency and various retained primitive reflexes. He struggled a lot with understanding how to put together a puzzle, fine motor tasks, where to put his feet when directed (line up both feet on the black line), and generally understanding where he was in relation to other objects. He has been working very hard on weekly In-Office Vision Therapy and on homework every day for 6 weeks (of a 40 week program).

His preschool teacher recently had this to say about the progress she has noticed since Billy started Vision Therapy:


I am Billy’s preschool teacher. I would like to share that Billy struggled with many areas of preschool. Fine motor, physical motor, and he had a short attention span with lack of focus. He also struggled with following directions. After having him informally screened with Occupational Therapy, he did not qualify for support.

I had referred him to Vision Therapy. After receiving a diagnosis, he began vision therapy treatments. With his treatments, his fine motor skills improved and you can now identify his work. He also grew stronger in his attention span and focus. He can now follow multiple step directions and maintain focus with his work. He has improved his balance and coordination with physical motor activities. He has a new discovery with the book area and spends large amounts of time there. Never been an interest before. His social skills have also improved and he carries one on one conversations with friends, when he previously played alone.

I would encourage continued therapy for Billy. He has grown more developmentally in two months of (Vision) therapy, than he has in nine months with preschool. I am proud of Billy and his accomplishments made through his (Vision) therapy.

(Proud) Preschool Teacher