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Nathan would tire easily, and would be very frustrated that the words moved on the page. He would try to cover one eye to compensate, and he would see double and that freaked him out at times. He felt left out because other kids were reading and he could not. He had a bad attitude about reading. I was angry and frustrated too, and thought it was me doing something wrong, or me being too hard on him.

Since Vision Therapy, Nathan has gained self-confidence, he has a desire to read, and he knows he has better control of his eyes. I feel that if you see signs of a reading problem you should get tested as early as possible. Even if you don’t see any signs of a vision problem, you should have your child’s vision checked before starting school. Don’t just check for 20/20, go to a developmental optometrist to check if tracking, eye teaming, and focusing are working before you start to have problems with reading.

Now Nathan is aware of his eyes more and is able to stay focused. He can read faster and smoother and has a good attitude about reading.


Laurie, mother of Nathan