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For many years, we struggled with our son. We felt that he was not performing up to his academic ability in school. Personality wise, he was obstinate and hard to reach. At one point, he was even on medication, because the doctors and teachers felt he had ADHD.

In October 2015, we decided to have his eyes examined. He has 20/20 vision, so he was not in need of glasses. But after our vision-therapy optometrist read the questionnaire that I filled out, he suggested further testing to determine if there was another kind of vision problem. We were skeptical, but went ahead with the testing. Much to our dismay and relief, a problem was detected.

Now the hard part lay ahead: getting our son to come to the twice-weekly visits for 17 weeks. Remember, I said he was obstinate and hard to reach. It was a struggle to say the least, but we persevered and he has now finished his Vision Therapy. Through these last 17 weeks, we have seen his hard shell exterior slowly melt away and a level of confidence that we had never seen before emerge. Our son has even started reading for pleasure, something he never did before.

Our son’s positive result from Vision Therapy brings to mind the TV commercial for MasterCard: “Having our son back as a confident, caring, READING individual … Priceless!” Would we recommend Vision Therapy to others? Absolutely!


Mr. and Mrs. Marshall