Owen, Age 8

In first grade, our son started showing signs of ADHD. We put off having him evaluated for over a year and then decided to get a diagnosis. It turned out he doesn’t have ADHD, he has a vision deficiency. We were told he was a prime candidate for a misdiagnosis. I’m so thankful that the broad problem was caught and that we were referred to Dr. Sanders! She got him in for an assessment right away, was able to figure out what was going on, and knew how to help him. I love that Dr. Sanders and Deb look at the big picture. Everything affects vision, and vision affects everything. The “homework” helps work on all of it-retained reflexes, directional/spatial struggles, handwriting, etc. He is still in therapy, but I think one of his biggest successes is that he is more aware of where his body is in space and how his movements affect the people and things around him. Another, is that he is learning how to learn visually. Now he’s starting to learn from what he sees, not just what he hears – which is huge when it comes to math.

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