Vision Is More Than Just 20/20

Check out this optical illusion! Can you see the circles? Once you finally see them, can you make yourself unsee them? Can you get the squares back? Do you know what you are doing to see them and unsee them? What does that feel like?

This is a similar type of activity we do in vision therapy to teach the subtle nuances of visual perception, visual discrimination and learning to understand that changing the way you LOOK at something can change the way you SEE (perceive) something.

The desired end result of vision therapy? Understanding that YOU are in control of your eyes and HOW you look at things makes a big difference to how you will perceive those things.

We teach a lot about going slowly, feeling subtle changes, planning and organizing the task, thinking about the process, noticing mistakes in order to correct them before they occur, and reveling in the awareness of mistakes because that’s how we learn! We discuss growth mindset and enjoying working through the learning process and staying motivated for achievement of their goals for vision therapy.

Vision is not just 20/20 eyesight. It has so much more to do with how we see the world, how we see ourselves in the world and how we interact based on those perceptions.

Vision isn’t everything, it’s almost everything!

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