Riding a broken bicycle is hard, reading with broken vision is impossible!

Overlooking vision

“Picture a child riding a broken bicycle with a whole bunch of other children riding bicycles around a course in a class. If there was one child on this broken bicycle it would be easy to understand why this child couldn’t ride as easily as the other kids. It would be easy to understand why they couldn’t learn the same tricks or perhaps why they didn’t like to ride the bike. Maybe why they came home frustrated after bike riding. We would be able to see that their performance was secondary to the state of the bicycle.

So think of our visual system, it is that bicycle. Our visual system represents 70% of the incoming sensory information to your brain in everyday life.”

When a child has difficulty reading, absolutely consider having their visual system properly assessed by a Behavioral Optometrist. To ensure your child starts off the school year ready to read and ready to learn, make certain their eye exam includes testing for the visual skills necessary for good reading.

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