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Because the visual system is so pervasive and effects all the sensory systems, our vision therapy programs strive to incorporate and integrate all the senses in our bodies. Difficulty in one area can mean hidden difficulties in others that are not unmasked until therapy progresses.

It is not unusual for our in-office vision therapy session to include activities using play-doh for squishing, straws for blowing, gum for bubble blowing, trampoline for jumping, laser lights for eye tracking, balls for bouncing, a swing for spinning or swinging, balance beam and balance board for balancing, chalkboard writing for tactile feedback and a metronome or music for auditory integration.


People are often surprised at the tasks and activities we do in office and send home for homework until it’s explained to them that true VISION is not just 20/20 eyesight.

Vision is the efficient integration of all of our senses to improve quality of life.
80% of learning happens through the visual system.

Vision isn’t everything, it’s almost everything!



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