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Eyes and Ears

Have you ever turned down the radio in the car in order to “see” better? Have you ever put on your glasses so you can hear better? Eyes and ears/visual and auditory systems are intimately connected in the brain to give us feedback about where our head is in relation to an object of interest. The vestibular – ocular reflex is responsible for keeping things clear while we move, and helps us maintain a sense of balance.

Vision therapy incorporates many vestibular activities to help patients maintain clear vision while moving and thinking and to keep their sense of balance. We even have an entire program devoted to relieving motion sickness using many different spinning protocol techniques in order to retrain the vestibular – ocular reflex. This article explains the relationship between the eyes and ears and recommends Vestibular Therapy. Who knew? I’d never heard of Vestibular Therapy as a stand alone service. Very interesting!

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